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“Combining over 35 years of hard work
and shared family knowledge”

When you see the Ohio Proud logo, you know you are getting Ohio-made and grown products. From fresh meats, fruits and vegetables, to dairy products and snack foods, you can find Ohio Proud products in your favorite grocery store and at your local Farm Market. Ohio Proud is a quick and reliable way for you to identify Ohio-made and grown goods.

Agriculture is Ohio’s number one industry, contributing more than $105 billion to the state’s economy. Ohio is home to more than 1,000 food processing companies and produces more than 200 commercial crops. Of these, the Buckeye State is a leading producer in more than 35 product sectors.

Ohio produces more than just the food we eat. Our location at the eastern edge of the corn belt allows for substantial grain production and a strong supply of animal feed products. Ohio is a leader in nursery stock production, particularly African violets and poinsettias. Ohio is also the largest sheep producing state east of the Mississippi River, providing quality wool products. Additionally, the southeastern Appalachian region supplies lumber and wood used in furniture, construction, and housing in Ohio, around the nation and throughout the world.